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We’re dedicated to simplifying your asset management process. Our OSHA-authorized contractor specialists provide several services meant to keep your maintenance department or construction project optimized. Let our tag experts help you choose the right services for every job.  

We offer the perfect solutions to delivering information critical to

Plant Operations,

Maintenance, &

Life Safety

using smart device technologies.

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How it works:

  • We perform an asset survey of your existing site or project designs.

  • We provide you with the tag solutions that best fits your needs.

  • We safely install the tags to ensure that all asset identification is correct.

  • You are provided an easy-to-use database that your personnel can access with any smart device.


Our asset management system will.....

  • Help you prepare life saftey plans.

  • Conform to OSHA Standards.

  • Inform your system engineers.

  • Reduce downtime.

  • Create accurate reports and work orders.

  • Empower your maintenance department.

  • Protect the investment of your property.


Tagging & Installation Services

We can tag all of your assets. We’ll work closely with your maintenance team to determine the most logical installation process. Once you let us know how you want your asset tags installed, we will: 

  • Provide the tag materials 

  • Verify all tags are correct and are recorded in your database 

  • Organize and sort the materials to accommodate efficient installation 

  • Follow the specifications and safety procedures required to be on-site during installation 

  • Upon request, make annual inspections to revise changes to your systems 

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Asset Management Design Services

Let us provide you with color-coded drawings and a bill of material listing all the products you’ll need to meet all your asset marking requirements. That way, you can turn all your attention to maintaining the life safety procedures of your operation. You have the option of providing your engineer’s blueprints and specifications, or our OSHA-authorized audit team can put together an as-built package, which includes: 

  • A detailed procedure for assigning asset tags 

  • A detailed list of the asset tags 

  • Database access and support using our secure cloud services 

  • A detailed diagram (P&ID, Process Flow, Electrical Riser, HVAC Riser, or Plumbing Riser) 

  • An asset schedule (includes size, manufacturer, location, and function) 

  • A List of asset tag products you’ll need 


Triad Electrical Solutions, Inc.

15225 Carrollton Boulevard 
Carrollton, VA 23314

Phone:  757-745-7111


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*Trades in North Carolina as Triad Electrical Solutions of NC, Inc.

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